Network Issues Windows

Finding a hostname from an ip address

At my workplace, I’ve set up an FTP server so that colleagues from across the globe can download some files that I make available for them. I noticed that two people in the same office were downloading the exact same file (10 GB in size) except one was about 10% complete while the other was about 95% complete. I wanted to find out their computer hostnames – usually just an abbreviation of their real names…

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Getting the most current and active effective dated row

Let’s say we had the following rows in the PS_INSTITUTION_TBL: INSTITUTION EFFDT EFF_STATUS PSUNV 01-01-1900 A PSUNV 17-11-2010 I If we had an Institution prompt based off of this table, we’d expect to only retrieve the most current active row. In this case it would be the first row in the table (i.e. the one with EFFDT 01-01-1900). So let’s now take a look at the following 2 queries (both with Oracle resolved meta-SQL for %DateIn).…

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Oracle PeopleSoft

Subtracting Dates

If you want to find the difference in dates between now and some date in the past/future then you can use the following query using peoplesoft meta-SQL:

The %DateDiff function returns an integer. In Oracle you can use the subtraction operator:

Use ROUND() to round to the nearest day or TRUNC() to round down to the number of whole days.

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