Dota Games Heroes of Newerth

The future of Heroes of Newerth

I think S2 are a bit unlucky in some respects. They’ve had to chop, change and adapt their business model over the last 2 years. When I first heard about HoN, I always perceived it to be “Dota 2”, and I think this is what S2 were initially intending very early into the beta. S2’s target market was the then current Dota player base. I remember when S2’s marketing strategy focused on HoN’s improvements, highlighting…

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Application Engine: Temporary Table instancing

What is temporary table instancing? Instancing in the application engine context is when a process run by the user is assigned a dedicated temporary table. When should it be used? It’s a must when there are multiple users running the same process concurrently, or when the same user is running the same process concurrently (i.e. multiple times in parallel). How does it work? A new table is created in the database with a number suffix…

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