Oracle PeopleSoft

Can no longer run Application Engine programs from Application Designer

I wasted a good couple of hours trying to figure out why my application engine programs would no longer run in Application Designer (two-tier). I have concluded that it is due to a PeopleTools bug in Application Designer. Something was causing the App Engine program to run in an infinite loop. I had to manually close the psae.exe process, and observed that the log file couldn’t even execute the first step of MAIN: PeopleTools 8.51.03…

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Hiding the Guest account on the Windows 7 Welcome Screen

I like to enable Guest access at work so that I can easily share directories without having to worry about user security. Unfortunately in Windows 7 after enabling Guest access, I can now see the Guest account on the initial logon screen. Fortunately, you can remove this by performing the following: 1. In the run dialog (Windows + r), type “control userpasswords2” and then press enter. 2. Select the “Guest” user and press “Properties” 3.…

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