The following steps can be used to create a batch program to backup your PS projects:

1. Create a text file that contains a list of projects that need to be backed up. Call the file project_names.txt
2. Create a batch file (see below):

This batch file will create a date subfolder inside C:\projects folder and will copy all the projects listed in project_names.txt to this subfolder.

Note: The batch file assumes that the project_names.txt file is in the same folder.

If you are performing an impact analysis using Find Definition References, and are changing Record-Field PeopleCode, then you first need to determine whether the underlying Record for the Record-Field is a derived record. If the record IS a derived record, then you can use Find Definition References on the Record-Field. However, if the record IS NOT a derived record, then you need to use Find Definition References on the Record as all of the fields of the record will be stored within the component buffer, and thus certain PeopleCode events (FieldDefault, FieldFormula, RowInit, SaveEdit, SavePreChange, Workflow, SavePostChange) on those fields will execute.

Example: When a Record is not a derived record, and ANY field of that record is added to a page (eg. perhaps in a Grid or a Scroll Area), then the above-mentioned Record-Field PeopleCode Events will ALWAYS execute for ALL fields.