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I blindly added the environment variable PS_SERVER_CFG to my environment as I read somewhere that it should be set to a path similar to the following:

Believe it or not, but after I set this option, I discovered that I was no longer able to build records in my project! The following is the error I encountered:

Please select at least one action: Create Tables, Create Indexes, Create Views and/or Alter Tables. (76,41)

And yes, I did select at least one action, but Application Designer did not seem to recognise my selection.

Moral of the story: Blindly following advice on the internet can cause you problems.

A more useful moral of the story: Be wary of the PS_SERVER_CFG environment variable.

I’ve noticed that when I run SQL Validator over a project or single SQL statement while Application Designer is still running, I later experience issues in Application Designer. I usually experience a shared key or shared cache error. In some cases I find that I have to purge the cache (using Configuration Manager) before I’m able to successfully run Application Designer again. I’m pretty sure that the problems all relate to the fact that SQL Validator shares the same working cache as Application Designer.

Moral of the story: Close Application Designer before running SQL Validator.