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Identifying the cause of high CPU utilisation for process oracle.exe on a Windows environment

I was running a PeopleSoft Application Engine process that I suspected was hogging the CPU on a Windows environment. I wanted to see whether this process was in fact the cause of the CPU intensive activities on the database. Interestingly, I discovered that on a Windows environment, an Oracle instance is composed of one oracle.exe process with many different threads. Each thread represents either a background process (PMON, SMON, etc.) or a foreground user session.…

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shutdown command in Windows

I use the following shutdown command to turn off my computer after a certain timeperiod: [sourcecode language=”powershell”] shutdown /s /t 3600 [/sourcecode] /s means that we want to shutdown the pc /t indicates a delay in the time that we want to shutdown/restart. In this case, we want the local pc to shutdown in 3600 seconds (1 hour). Here’s a good reference for other options available to the shutdown command:

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