Cross-browser PeopleSoft Bookmarklets

Here are some cross-browser bookmarklets I wrote that should allow you to navigate to a particular component irrespective of what environment you’re in: PeopleCode Trace SQL Trace Roles User Profile Permission Lists Process Monitor To install, simply just drag the links onto your bookmarks/favourites bar. To add your own, use the following as a template, replacing the <Menu>.<Component>.<Market> where appropriate: javascript:var a=window.frames.location.pathname.match(/^\/ps[pc]\/(.+?\/)(.+?\/)(.+?\/)/),b=a[1];-1<b.indexOf(“_”)&&(b=b.substr(0,b.indexOf(“_”))+”/”);void“/psp/”+b+”_newwin/”+a[2]+a[3]+”c/UTILITIES.TRACE_SQL.GBL“,””,””); I find them especially useful in the following situations: When you have…

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