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Extracting the call stack from a PeopleCode trace

I’ve added another tool to the PeopleCodeTools Sublime Text plugin that allows you to extract the call stack from a PeopleCode trace. You can find it on the PeopleCodeTools repository on github along with the syntax highlighters for PeopleCode and PeopleSoft trace files.

For those unfamiliar with installing this plugin, please see my previous post: PeopleCodeTools – Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text

This tool only applies to PeopleSoft Trace Files that have at a minimum the following trace parameters:

4044 Trace

To extract the call stack, open the .tracesql file (generated with the trace flags) in Sublime Text  and then run the “PeopleCode Tools: Extract PeopleCode Call Stack” command from the command palette:

Extract PeopleCode Call Stack - Run

The call stack of the trace file should then be extracted and formatted:

Extract PeopleCode Call Stack

I find this tool particularly useful when looking through large trace files and trying to understand where and in what context a particular line of code is invoked. For the most part, this tool works pretty well. I’ve been trying to fix bugs as I discover them. If you’ve installed the PeopleCodeTools plugin using Package Control, you should automatically receive these updates.


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