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PeopleTools 8.5x – Windows – Missing or invalid version of SQL library PSORA (200,0)

I encountered the following error when trying to launch Peoplesoft applications such as Application Designer and Data Mover on my Windows 7 (64-bit) virtual machine:

My machine had Oracle Server (64-bit) installed. I discovered that while PeopleTools 8.5x has been certified to run on 64-bit Windows platforms, the program itself is 32-bit. Thus, any library it needs to load also needs to be 32-bit. In this case, the Oracle server lib ‘PSORA’ must be the 32-bit version rather than the 64-bit version. I managed to work around this by installing the 32-bit Oracle Client ( version on the system.

After rebooting, I noticed some other weird errors. I ended up removing my ORACLE_HOME environment variable altogether and then modifying the Add to PATH variable in psappsrv.cfg to point to both the Client and the Server ORACLE_HOME environment variables, and everything started working again.

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