Cross-browser PeopleSoft Bookmarklets

Here are some cross-browser bookmarklets I wrote that should allow you to navigate to a particular component irrespective of what environment you’re in:

PeopleCode Trace

SQL Trace


User Profile

Permission Lists

Process Monitor

To install, simply just drag the links onto your bookmarks/favourites bar.

To add your own, use the following as a template, replacing the <Menu>.<Component>.<Market> where appropriate:

javascript:var a=window.frames.location.pathname.match(/^\/ps[pc]\/(.+?\/)(.+?\/)(.+?\/)/),b=a[1];-1<b.indexOf(“_”)&&(b=b.substr(0,b.indexOf(“_”))+”/”);void“/psp/”+b+”_newwin/”+a[2]+a[3]+”c/UTILITIES.TRACE_SQL.GBL“,””,””);

I find them especially useful in the following situations:

  1. When you have to work with multiple environments and always need to go to these components
  2. When you don’t have access to the Navigation bar (e.g. when logged in using a certain role, or even when logged in to a different portal).

Although here are some important caveats:

  1. They only work once you have logged into your environment of choice.
  2. You need to have the appropriate security assigned to the logged in user before being able to navigate to these components.

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