PeopleCode: Disabling Save Warning

I encountered the issue mentioned on the following page: I was trying to disable a save warning that was occurring on a secondary page that I was manually populating. I purposely de-selected all of the Set Component Changed fields on the page and even added hidden fields (eg. key fields) on the page so that I could de-select the Set Component Changed values for all of the fields in the record: Unfortunately I still received…

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Creating meme text in Photoshop

Here’s the process that I use to create meme text in Photoshop: 1. Click the text tool icon 2. Add the meme text to your photo by creating a text layer (use the Impact font). 3. Set your text color (i.e. white or black depending on what you want your meme text color to look like). 4. Either Double click on the newly created text layer, or right-click the layer and select Blending Options 5.…

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Oracle PeopleSoft SQL Performance Tuning

PeopleSoft Trace Settings

Update: I have changed this post based on Graham’s recent comments regarding Trace Magic since the trace settings that I recommended were not actually compatible with Trace Magic. Please see the following link for information regarding Trace Magic: However, when manually reading a trace file (e.g. in Sublime Text, Notepad++, etc.) I would recommend the following trace settings: -TRACE 135 -TOOLSTRACESQL 31 -TOOLSTRACEPC 4044 I still find these settings useful for non-performance related debugging issues.

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Skype Virtual Audio Cable Windows

Playing Music Through Skype Using Virtual Audio Cable

I wanted to be able to play music over Skype. I also wanted to be able to play my keyboard which is currently connected to a Komplete Audio 6 soundcard. I managed to get this working utilising the following setup with Virtual Audio Cable:                         Here are the specific steps to be performed: 1. Create two VAC lines (Line 1 and Line 2) using…

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How To: Adding a PeopleSoft PeopleCode Brush to SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

Update: I now use Crayon instead of SyntaxHighlighter Evolved as my blog syntax highlighter. I managed to create a PeopleCode Brush for SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. Feel free to perform the following steps to add the brush to your own blog: 1. Create brush file “shBrushPeopleCode.js” 2. Upload brush file “shBrushPeopleCode.js“ to your WordPress “/wp-content/plugins/syntaxhighlighter/third-party-brushes” folder. 3. Log into WordPress dashboard and click on the Plugins menu link. 4. Select SyntaxHighlighter Evolved from your list of plugins. 5. Edit…

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Oracle PeopleSoft Windows

Identifying the cause of high CPU utilisation for process oracle.exe on a Windows environment

I was running a PeopleSoft Application Engine process that I suspected was hogging the CPU on a Windows environment. I wanted to see whether this process was in fact the cause of the CPU intensive activities on the database. Interestingly, I discovered that on a Windows environment, an Oracle instance is composed of one oracle.exe process with many different threads. Each thread represents either a background process (PMON, SMON, etc.) or a foreground user session.…

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shutdown command in Windows

I use the following shutdown command to turn off my computer after a certain timeperiod: [sourcecode language=”powershell”] shutdown /s /t 3600 [/sourcecode] /s means that we want to shutdown the pc /t indicates a delay in the time that we want to shutdown/restart. In this case, we want the local pc to shutdown in 3600 seconds (1 hour). Here’s a good reference for other options available to the shutdown command:

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