There’s a simple way to turn peoplecode and SQL tracing on and off using peoplecode, rather than having to set the trace values when you login or via PeopleTools > Utilities > Debug. You can use these commands to trace/debug only the peoplecode you’re interested in. For peoplecode tracing, you set the trace flags using the SetTracePC() function. e.g

… will set the trace flags as per the defaults on the Trace Peoplecode page.…

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Oracle PeopleSoft

Using Find Definition References for Impacts

If you are performing an impact analysis using Find Definition References, and are changing Record-Field PeopleCode, then you first need to determine whether the underlying Record for the Record-Field is a derived record. If the record IS a derived record, then you can use Find Definition References on the Record-Field. However, if the record IS NOT a derived record, then you need to use Find Definition References on the Record as all of the fields of the record…

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