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Application Engine: Releasing Temporary Tables

I was trying to debug an Application Engine and noticed that the debugger had hung. I restarted Application Designer and re-ran the debugger for the Application Engine. Since there was only one instance assigned to each temporary table, I noticed that the previous failed run had not released the temporary tables. I managed to work around this by deleting from the following tables:

The following are the SQL Statements that I used:


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Application Engine: Temporary Table instancing

What is temporary table instancing? Instancing in the application engine context is when a process run by the user is assigned a dedicated temporary table. When should it be used? It’s a must when there are multiple users running the same process concurrently, or when the same user is running the same process concurrently (i.e. multiple times in parallel). How does it work? A new table is created in the database with a number suffix…

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